Personal Trials

I have a friend who I hold in high esteem although we have not had the privilege of meeting in person yet.  We became phone and then online friends a few years ago when we were both in the midst of transitions and associated with the same ministry.  Now I keep up with her on social media and through her excellent blog, Everyday Derring Do.
Allie said this recently on her blogpost: “It has been a shadowy season. So many mornings the sun felt obscured and the earth surreal. I wished for an unbroken heart. And I worked for healing when breathing seemed too much to ask.”  This quote really resonated with me as we went through the ordeal of the last few months.  When trials seem to much to bear, when daily life is a struggle just to focus and keep putting one foot in front of the other, we must hang on to the One who offers hope and healing.  Even in the midst of pain and heartache, He will meet you.
I often find it easier to process my thoughts by writing.  Love your writing, Allie!  Keep it up – you have a beautiful way with words.  Like you, I find I can express myself better with pen and paper or virtual pen and paper.  Like you, I’m seeking God in the shadowy season.  I’m finding Him nearby even in the midst of one of the most difficult seasons of my life.