Meteor Showers

Our family loves meteor showers and star gazing.  Enough that we get up in the middle of the night and predawn hours to enjoy the sights.  When the kids were small, we got up about 4 am to lie on the golf course in Florida one time to watch the meteors.  A few years ago, Katryn and I got up about 2 am, spread a blanket on our lawn, and lay looking at the meteors and talking about life for an hour.  More recently Deryck and I set alarms and went out on the second floor balcony in the midnight hours to watch for meteors.  There is something about the majesty of the skies that makes it worth getting up to see these sights.  I am continually amazed and awed by creation and its beauty.  When I spend time in nature, it grounds and centers me; it reminds me of how big God is and how He loves to bring us joy and delight.  I find serenity when I can spend time outdoors enjoying all the sights of weather, sky, nature, creatures, and trees.  Most days I stop to take pictures of clouds or sunsets.  Taking time for the enjoyment of life’s little pleasures keeps me serene.

Gordon Moments

I attended Homecoming at my alma mater last weekend.  It was wonderful to be back on campus and see how much the college has grown.  There was a vibrancy on campus – an excitement for all that God is doing in and through the college.  There are many new buildings since I was there and the facilities are quite impressive.  The college has kept up with education trends and the needs of the student population.  At the same time, they have kept the natural beauty of the campus intact and there are beautiful places to walk both on the perimeter of the campus and in the heart of it.  The sense of place and of mission is very strong on this college campus.  Even the older buildings are filled with the energy of staff who are enthused about the direction and goals of the college.

We walked through the woods to the large pond and I remembered walking and cross-country skiing on these paths as well as canoeing and swimming in the pond.  I saw a few old friends and met several new ones.  The college motto is “Lives Worth Leading” and they are intentionally shaping students to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Natural Beauty on Campus