Career Reflections

Life takes many twists and turns.  Careers morph during the course of a lifetime.  But certain skills and traits will serve you well in any career.  Of course, serenity helps you to navigate change and flourish. As I was reflecting on some of the things I am learning about leadership and about some of the things that have served me well in the varied course of my career, I came up with a list.

I am a firm believer in creating a strategy map to design your career and your career goals and aspirations.  Lately, I’ve been working on focus and intention.  My new planner is helping me to more effectively use time-blocking and goal setting to have the discipline to work on what matters most.

There are certain life skills that I believe have served me well.  I think these can be taught but are also ‘caught’ through the influence of significant people in your life.

What are the skills and traits you consider most important in a successful career?

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Author: serena

Currently living outside Philadelphia, working full time in higher education, and pursuing doctoral studies in Organizational Leadership.

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