Hard Eucharisteo

Once again I am wakeful between 2-3 a.m.  Clearly my brain is still processing all that has happened. This story could have had a different ending for my family. Would I still be giving thanks?
Eucharisteo. Charis: at its root grace and joy. Eucharisteo: giving thanks. In ALL things. This is what Ann Voskamp calls ‘hard eucharisteo.’

When I first got the news of what was happening, I went straight to my knees. Since then, I’ve been on my knees several times in gratitude, in questioning, in praise, in lament, in worship. We MUST be on our knees for this generation.

An SPU prof expresses just how difficult it is to process all the emotions. Beautifully said. This campus community is so strong and so filled with charis.

As I chatted yesterday with a student on Eastern’s campus, who coincidentally is also named Jenny, she remarked, ‘we’re not safe anywhere.’  My response was, “we’re not safe anywhere, but we are safe everywhere in the arms of God. He will carry us through.”

My final text to Gennie last night was “Go live life!”

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