About Me

IMG_7751-1-1Hi, I’m Serena.  My very name means serene, calm, peaceful.  I write about finding serenity in the midst of an often busy, chaotic life.  I am an East Coast girl; having grown up near Long Island Sound, I love water. My father taught me to love nature and the outdoors. We would go bird watching or fishing together in the early morning. From there it was a small step to see that all this beauty must have a Creator. In college I discovered that God is real and have been following Him ever since.

I am happily married and have two grown daughters.  We have two cats and live in the woods. I love reading, paddleboarding biking, watercolors, and photography (unless otherwise noted, all photos on this site are my own). Props to Patti Singleton for my profile photo.

Here’s a little video introduction to tell you more about why I created this blog.

I also am a book manuscript editor – if you are interested in my services, check here.

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