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I am an editor and take on occasional work proofing original manuscripts. For a sample of books I have edited and references, jump to the bottom of this post.

I will generally read your manuscript through twice. The first time I will be reading for grammar, sentence structure, accuracy, spelling, etc. The second time I will be reading for clarity, content, cohesiveness, and plot (fiction).

I will offer opinions & suggestions. But I am not a writing coach. My services include reviewing:
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • sentence structure
  • flow
  • consistency
  • accuracy of facts
  • clarity
  • transitions
  • ease of reading
  • depth of characters – if there are things that are glaring, I will point them out

Prices will be negotiated depending on content, genre, and amount of editing needed. I will happily give you an estimate if you will send me a sample of 10-20 pages of your manuscript, preferably a rough, unpublished draft, so that I can gauge how much editing will be required.  My average editing speed is 10 pages per hour.

I generally prefer to have an entire manuscript in hand and printed, so that I can pay attention to the entire structure. I prefer to make my edits by hand on paper, but for an additional fee I will also make those edits in an electronic version of the manuscript in a format that allows for review before accepting changes. Additional rounds of new drafts will be an additional fee.

I offer a 10 page review and quote for $25. This will allow us both to determine if we want to move forward.  You will receive a sample of my work and I can judge the extent of the work required
My Contract will include a 25% advance on the fee and Acknowledgement in print.
A caveat: this is not my full time job; if you are looking for fast turn-around, discuss that with me.  I average about 30 pages per week since I work full time.


Books Edited

  • The Art of Listening Prayer: Finding God’s voice amidst life’s noise by Seth Barnes. Praxis Press, 2005.
  • Revolution of the Broken Heart: Your private pain and God’s big picture by Seth Barnes. Adventures in Missions, 2009.
  • The Warrior’s Journal: Winning the Sacred Struggle by Seth Barnes. Praxis Press, 2005.
  • Chiefs (Tom West Series), by James Rogers.  Amazon, 2011
  • Fall From Grace (Tom West Series), by James Rogers. Amazon, 2012
  • The Ultimate Offense (Tom West Series), by James Rogers. Amazon, 2013.
  • Resurrection, by James Rogers.  Amazon, 2014.


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