Musings on Turning 49

How did I get here so fast?  Seems like just yesterday I was in my 30’s.  Raising small children … now they are almost grown.  My life in these last few years has mostly revolved around the kids and their school activities and my work.  Soon we will enter a new season – about the time I turn 50 our youngest will graduate high school.  One more year in which to impart our faith and values so that she will stand strong in an increasingly crazy world. 

I feel young in some ways, yet glad for the years and experiences and all that God has taught me.  And so thankful for His grace in my life … may it continue to make me more grace-filled.  I’m so glad that with God we are continually growing.  That He is ever patient with us and wills us to grow in love and mercy.  May my life shine with joy and peace in order to bring Him honor and glory.

I am thankful for my family and good friends who celebrated with me and made me feel special.  I love my life!

Mother-Daughter Road Trip

Driving my mini van from Atlanta, via Chattanooga, Nashville, and points north all the way to Chicago.  Packing all her stuff from her dorm room into suitcases and boxes.  A trip to the storage unit she and three classmates are sharing.  Pack the car.  Very comfortable hotel.  Sightseeing around the campus and a great lunch at Red Robin.  Into Chicago for a day on the town.

Lincoln Park Zoo is very cool and also free!  First we saw the big cats.  The tiger was having his lunch – a big shank of meat which he gnawed on and licked and chomped.  Beautiful cats in all shapes, sizes and stripes.  Well, mostly just cat shaped … but the serval had long ears.  Then on to the small mammal house which was cool.  Then we crossed a bridge over a pond where a Trumpeter Swan and a rabbit were facing off – the rabbit kept hopping across the stone dam and the swan kept snapping at him.  Then there was a tiny duckling trying to avoid its mother so it could have some fun, hopping on the rocks, swimming thru small crevasses and trying to get away while mother scolded and chased.  The duckling was pretty fast.

To avoid a sudden downpour we ducked back into the lion house.  The male African lion came in from the rain and had a roaring contest with another big cat a few cages away.  We watched from twenty feet away and got some great video.

Finally we saw a mother wolf with her four cubs, just 3 weeks old and tumbling all over mom and each other while she fed and groomed them in a shallow hole she had dug under a tree and somewhat hidden from the zoo crowds unless you knew where to look.

After the zoo we headed to Navy Pier.  We rode the ferris wheel and had great views of the city skyline at sunset.  Walked around the pier and the shops, bought a few souvenirs.  Had a hot pretzel and later a soft ice cream.  Enjoyed the stained glass museum.  Saw part of a magic show.  Watched a bunch of teens all dressed up for their prom.  Took lots of pictures.

Began the long drive home.  Listened to some Donald Miller and lots of music.
Indianapolis, Cincinnatti, Louisville, Knoxville and finally Atlanta.  A great Mother’s Day dinner at Outback on the way.  Gotta love those bloomin’ onions.

from a PC to a Mac

Well I’m really excited about my new Mac, but it’s definitely not ‘apples to apples’ … there is a learning curve here and some work in transferring all the files.  I’m still trying to figure out how everything works on this machine, but I think I’m gonna love it. 

Now if I could just figure out how to make more hours in my day to get everything done … end of school year for my high schooler, picking up my daughter from her freshman year at college [road trip anyone?], work, summer vacation plans, summer camps and summer jobs, managing a household, volunteering, etc.  How does any working mom get it all done?

I love my life, but sometimes sleep is the thing that gets sacrificed!

Just Stop and Think

The God of the universe is crazy about you! Francis Chan talks about it in this video.  Check out more about his book and other great videos at  
Look around at all that God created. It’s AWE inspiring.
The magnifigance of creation is so clearly the handiwork of a Creator. 

I love watching the sunrise!  Being outdoors is how I connect with God.  All of nature shows His glory.

User Friendly Sidewalks

Just reading online about an interesting new concept: Livable Streets  It is a movement to make our city streets more pedestrian friendly and safer for bicycles.  New York, San Francisco and other cities have added bike lanes, benches, plazas with tables and market umbrellas for people to relax amid the frenetic pace of the city.  People can read their newspaper, visit with friends, have coffee or lunch and enjoy the outdoors.  What a great new movement for urban life!

What I’m Reading

I am an avid reader and always looking for great books … novels or how-to books, historical fiction or theology, adventure or christian living, contemporary thought or mystery.    I read at least one book a week, reading in the evenings, on my lunch break and on my exercise bike.  A new author that i’ve discovered and i like, Margaret Feinberg recently had a challenge on her blog to inspire people to read more.  Here’s what i’m currently reading:

Finding Meaning in Life

My friend and colleague, Jeff Goins, had this Manifesto published recently by Change This.  it’s a great article entitled “Wrecked for the Ordinary: A Manifesto for Misfits”.  It makes for some great reading about not accepting the status quo, but seeking your purpose in life.  Is there more to life than just 9-5 bringing home a paycheck and enjoying the recreation and accumulating stuff in your free time?

Spring is Coming

eventually … i think … i hope!  we’ve had lots of rain and too much cold weather this year.  the daffodils are here and the trees have buds.  can’t wait for the warm weather to stay.  the night before last it was so windy that the lake had 6″ waves, then in the morning it was like glass.  i love seeing the many moods of God’s creation throughout the day.  i love to look at the goldfish in my pond and see them come up for food.  the water is warm enough now that some birds have come to splash and take baths in the pond.